BIOFIT Report on Public Acceptance published, May 2021

The BIOFIT Report on Public Acceptance of Technologies Enabling Bioenergy Production in Four European Countries - Insights from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Spain, and Sweden was published in May 2021.

This BIOFIT report is based on an exploratory survey study including 3054 respondents from four European countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Spain, and Sweden). This study focuses on citizens’ acceptance of bioenergy production in general and how they perceive industries’ motives and values of implementing technologies to increase bioenergy production.

Highlighted results (for more results, please download the report here):

  1. Overall, the public acceptance is relatively positive but few strong, pronounced views among citizens exist; both for bioenergy production in general, and for industries’ implementation of technologies to increase bioenergy production specifically.
  2. In general, citizens indicate to perceive consequences of bioenergy production in terms of employment, environmental and health as relatively positive, i.e. overall, many citizen perceptions vary from neutral to slightly positive. Differences between the participating four countries are small but clear: citizens from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Spain are more positive in their perceptions than citizens from Germany and Sweden.
  3. There are small, but relatively consistent differences between on the one hand Germany and Spain and on the other hand Bosnia and Herzegovina and Sweden in citizens’ levels of perceived greenwashing with regard to industries’ implementation of bioenergy technologies, with citizens’ perceptions of greenwashing being stronger in Germany and Spain.

Lead beneficiary: Stichting Wageningen Research (WR)
Main authors: Danny Taufik (WR), Hans Dagevos (WR), Machiel Reinders (WR), Siet Sijtsema (WR), Marieke Meeusen (WR)
Contact: Danny.Taufik@wur.nl

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