Hellenic Petroleum, Greece (fossil refineries)

BIOFIT Case Study: Integration of HVO production in the Thessaloniki refinery of Hellenic Petroleum in Greece

New BIOFIT Results:

Project partners Hellenic Petroleum, CERTH and TFMC will investigate the technical challenges associated with co-processing of UCO (Used Cooking Oil) along with conventional straight run LGO (Light Gas Oil) into an existing Diesel Hydrotreater Unit at HELPE’s Thessaloniki refinery in Northern Greece.

The unit is currently used to desulfurize the LGO stream coming from the CDU (Crude Distillation Unit) stripper column. UCO will consist of 5% volume of the processing mixture. As a result, an annual production of 22,000 tonnes HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) is expected, which will be an integral part of the final diesel product. HVO is characterized as a premium “drop-in fuel” that can replace diesel without modifications to existing refueling systems and/or vehicles.

The study aims to identify modifications to the existing equipment and new items that need to be installed, in order to ensure reliable operations and conformance to product specifications. Furthermore, other aspects, such as supply chain, security of supply & market analysis and environmental benefits, will provide better understanding of the environmental and economic viability of the proposed retrofit.

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