Hellenic Petroleum, Greece (fossil refineries)

BIOFIT Case Study: Integration of HVO production in the Aspropyrgos refinery of Hellenic Petroleum in Greece

Project partners Hellenic Petroleum, CERTH and TFMC will investigate the technical challenges associated with co-processing of UCO (used cooking oil) along with conventional straight run LGO into an existing Diesel Hydrotreater Unit at HELPE’s Thessaloniki refinery in Northern Greece.
The unit in question has a nominal capacity of 10,000 BPSD and is currently used to desulfurize the LGO stream coming from the CDU side stripper column. The UCO co-processing ratio assumed for the case study is 5 vol.% on total feed, resulting in an expected HVO annual production of 22,000 tonnes.
The study aims to identify changes to existing equipment and/or new items that need to be foreseen, in order to ensure stable operation and conformance to product specifications. Furthermore, other aspects – such as supply chain, security of supply & market analysis, environmental benefits – will be addressed in parallel by team members to provide better understanding on sustainability and economic viability prospects of the proposed retrofit project.