Industrial actors

  • AustroCel Hallein, Producer of high-quality cellulose products (textile pulp) and bio-energy in Austria, http://austrocel.com
  • Sölvesborgs Energi och Vatten AB (power, heat & water supplier), http://www.solvesborgenergi.se
  • Neste - oil refining and marketing company, and the world's leading supplier of renewable diesel, https://www.neste.com
  • Metsä Fibre, leading producer of bio-products (including various pulp grades) and bioenergy, Finland, https://www.metsafibre.com/
  • Natron-Hayat d.o.o. Maglaj (paper production), http://www.natron-hayat.ba/
  • IPRO Industrieprojekt GmbH (www.ipro-bs.de) is an engineering company i.a. for the construction of ethanol plants at existing sugar and food processing plants.
  • Ronneby Miljö & Teknik, municipal company managing electricity, heating, water, sewerage, sanitation, fibre-optic network and broadband for the municipality of Ronneby, https://www.ronneby.se/miljoteknik

R&I Projects

Associations and initiatives

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