Biocarburantes of Castilla y Leon, Spain (1G biofuels)

BIOFIT Case Study: Retrofit of the first-generation ethanol production facility of Biocarburantes de Castilla y Leon to produce advanced ethanol

The project partners, Biocarburantes de Castilla y Leon (BCyL) and CIEMAT will investigate two retrofitting case studies aiming to incorporate the production of advanced biofuels into the existing cereal-based first-generation ethanol production facility in Babilafuente, Spain. The first mid-term length case study will aspire to produce 11,000 litres/year of advanced bioethanol using sustainable feedstocks listed in the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II, Part A of Annex IX) and other waste streams from different industrial processes. The second case study involves retrofitting the existing first-generation process to produce 19,000 million litres/year of advanced ethanol from useless parts of the current feedstocks, thereby designing an integrated facility that produces both first-generation and advanced ethanol. The second case study requires many plant modifications therefore higher investment costs and longer implementation time than first case study.