Bioenergy Retrofits for Europe’s Industry
BIOFIT promotes the introduction of bioenergy retrofitting in five industry sectors in Europe.


The BIOFIT project will support and initiate bioenergy retrofitting opportunities in five industry sectors, namely first-generation biofuels, pulp and paper, fossil refineries, fossil firing power and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants.

Investigated bioenergy retrofits will thereby include bioethanol, biodiesel, bio-kerosene, intermediate bioenergy carriers and other advanced biofuels as well as renewable fuels and biomass-based heat & power generation.

The bioenergy retrofits studied in the BIOFIT project are technical measures applied to existing production plants that support bioenergy utilization as an alternative to fossil energy. The retrofit measures can result in either of the following:
Using additional biomass as an input to the production plant

  • for primary bioenergy products
  • for process energy

Producing additional output from biomass at the production plant

  • Transport biofuels
  • Intermediate bioenergy carriers
  • Heat and/or electricity