BIOFIT publications and reports

Year Language Author(s) Type Title (download)
2022BosnianRutz et al.HandbookTehničke mogućnosti retrofita industrije korištenjem bioenergije priručnik - 2. Izdanje
2022EnglishRutz et al.HandbookTechnical options for retrofitting industries with bioenergy: a handbook - 2 nd edition
2022SpanishRutz et al.HandbookOpciones técnicas para la econversion bioenergética de las industrias: manual prático orientativo - 2ª edición
2022GermanRutz et al.HandbookTechnische Optionen für die Umrüstung und Nachrüstung von Industrien mit Bioenergie – Handbuch, 2. Auflage
2022EnglishBas Davidis and Patrick ReumermanReportBIOFIT Final Report
2022EnglishBacovsky D. et al.ReportBIOFIT - Lessons learned from case studies
2022EnglishSaastamoinen H. et al.PaperBIOFIT Policy Recommendations
2022BosnianSaastamoinen H. et al., translated by EPBiHPaperBIOFIT Policy Recommendations - Bosnian
2022DutchSaastamoinen H. et al., translated by BTGPaperBIOFIT Policy Recommendations - Dutch
2022SpanishSaastamoinen H. et al., translated by Susmozas A.PaperBIOFIT Policy Recommendations - Spanish
2022FinnishSaastamoinen H. et al.PaperBIOFIT Policy Recommendations - Finnish
2022GreekSaastamoinen H. et al., translated by Karampinis M.PaperBIOFIT Policy Recommendations - Greek
2022SwedishSaastamoinen H. et al., translated by Gustavsson G.PaperBIOFIT Policy Recommendations - Swedish
2022GermanSaastamoinen H. et al., translated by Matschegg D.PaperBIOFIT Policy Recommendations - German
2021EnglishSaastamoinen H. et al.ReportDocumentation of BIOFIT Study Tours
2021SwedishGustavsson G.SummaryBränslekonvertering vid Sölvesborg Energi och erfarenheter från andra bolag
2021FinishSaastamoinen H.SummaryBioenergian retrofit (1) laitokset teollisuudessa tiivistelmä biofit-projektin tuloksista
2021SuomiTranslated and compiled by Elina Mäki and Heidi SaastamoinenSummaryYhteenveto BIOFIT-projektista
2021EnglishTaufik D. and Dagevos H.PaperDriving public acceptance (instead of skepticism) of technologies enabling bioenergy production: A corporate social responsibility perspective
2021English FactsheetSectoral Recommendation Paper: Fossil Refineries
2021English FactsheetSectoral Recommendation Paper: Medium-scale Heat and CHP Sector
2021English FactsheetSectoral Recommendation Paper: Coal to Biomass Conversions
2021English FactsheetSectoral Recommendation Paper: Pulp and Paper
2021English FactsheetSectoral Recommendation Paper: First Generation Biofuel Sector
2021EnglishTaufik et al.ReportPublic Acceptance of Technologies Enabling Bioenergy Production in Four European Countries - Insights from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Spain, and Sweden
2021EnglishMäki et al.PublicationDrivers and barriers in retrofitting pulp and paper industry with bioenergy for more efficient production of liquid, solid and gaseous biofuels: A review
2020EnglishDögnitz N. et al.ReportDrivers and Barriers for Retrofitting
2020SpanishRutz et al.HandbookOpciones técnicas para la reconversión bioenergética de las industrias - Manual prático orientativo
2020DutchRutz et al.HandbookTechnische Opties voor het retrofitten van Industrieën met Bio-Energie – Handboek
2020GermanRutz et al.HandbookTechnische Optionen für die Umrüstung und Nachrüstung von Industrien mit Bioenergie - Handbuch
2020EnglishReumerman et al.PublictionMapping Bioenergy Retrofitting in Europe’S Industry - BIOFIT First Results
2020EnglishTzelepi et al.Publication Biomass Availability in Europe as an Alternative Fuel for Full Conversion of Lignite Power Plants: A Critical Review
2020EnglishRutz et al.HandbookTechnical options for retrofitting industries with bioenergy - a handbook
2019EnglishDina BacovskyReportDocumentation of the BioFit online map on industry retrofitting with bioenergy
2019EnglishRutz et al.ReportSummary Paper for policy makers: retrofitting Europe’s industry with bioenergy
2019EnglishRutz et al.ReportFramework conditions for retrofitting Europe’s industry with bioenergy
2018English PosterBIOFIT Poster
2018English  Roll-upBIOFIT Roll-up
2019English FlyerBIOFIT Flyer
2019Bosnian FlyerBIOFIT Flyer
2019German  FlyerBIOFIT Flyer
2019Swedish FlyerBIOFIT Flyer
2019Spanish FlyerBIOFIT Flyer
2019Greek  FlyerBIOFIT Flyer
2019English ReportCase Study Template
2019English FactsheetRetrofit of
Thunder Bay Generating Station
2019English FactsheetRetrofit of
Avedore Power Station
2019English FactsheetRetrofit of
Metsä Fibre Joutseno Pulp Mill
2019English FactsheetRetrofit of
UPM Pulp and Paper Mill
2019English FactsheetRetrofit of
Volos Biodiesel Plant
2019English FactsheetRetrofit of
Porto Marghera Refinery
2019English FactsheetRetrofit of
Vilnius CHP Plant
2019English FactsheetRetrofit of
Suiker Unie Bioethanol Plant
2019English PaperBIOFIT at EUBCE 2019

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